This unique thermochemical conversion technology (TCCT) was developed and patented by ARI Technologies Inc. in the US and was granted a National Operating Permit by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), following a series of test phases and demonstration projects.

Between 2004 and 2009, 1,500 tonnes of asbestos waste was successfully treated during a five-year technology commercialisation programme.  The technology was successfully used to treat asbestos by the US Department of Defence, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency as well as a number of private organisations.  More information on TCCT’s development history and demonstration projects is available here.

In 2014, Windsor Integrated Services Group (WISG) purchased the exclusive global rights to this technology through the newly founded company ARI Global Technologies.

Tony Windsor, Owner and Founder of WISG, recognised the need for a more sustainable solution for managing asbestos waste through the business activities of group company, Windsor Waste Management, in the field of asbestos disposal.

Since acquiring the global rights, ARI Global Technologies has worked extensively to deploy the technology throughout the world.

In 2017, ARI Global Technologies secured Australian-based EnviroMaster as the exclusive territory licensee for the Australasian region. Click here for more information on EnviroMaster’s project ‘down under’.