ARI Global Technologies Australasian licensee, EnviroMaster has undertaken extensive planning for a state-of-the-art, purpose built, commercial scale TCCT asbestos waste processing facility.

Designed to process a minimum of 100 tonnes of asbestos waste per day, EnviroMaster’s design provides a controlled, integrated facility to receive and process waste, creating a safe working environment for transport staff and facility employees, as well ensuring the safety of surrounding communities.

Featuring a main plant, unloading/loading storage sheds, secondary sheds, administration building, and ancillary areas, the entire waste handling system is fully enclosed and maintained at negative pressure to maximise plant and employee health and safety.

To progress project development, EnviroMaster has successfully secured over AUD$14 million in funding, through two separate grants, from the Australian Government. This funding is to establish the necessary planning to support the development, operation, and future ownership of a 100 tonnes per day trial facility to use TCCT for asbestos waste remediation as an alternative to landfill.

In delivering TCCT in the Australasian region, EnviroMaster are supported by a world leading team specialising in project management; environmental management and regulation; technology engineering, installation, and commissioning; and site design and construction. Their project team composition allows them to be agile and responsive throughout any designated geographical region, enabling them to better understand and navigate unique political and environmental landscapes.

For more information on EnviroMaster’s activities, please visit their website.