ARI Global Technologies’ TCCT is a robust and proven technology delivering many benefits over the traditional asbestos disposal route of landfill, and its technological readiness exceeds that of other treatment processes:

  • Commercially viable process
    With the rising cost of asbestos disposal, TCCT provides a commercially viable alternative to landfill.
  • Technologically mature
    ARI Global Technologies TCCT is the most technologically mature and demonstrated technology available worldwide for the treatment of asbestos.
  • From harmful to harmless
    Our technology permanently destroys hazardous, life-threatening asbestos waste, converting it into an inert, non-hazardous treated product.
  • Reduces volume and mass of waste
    The TCCT process typically reduces the volume of the waste treated by between 50 and 90 per cent, and mass by an average of 33%.
  • Generates recycled product
    The end product from the TCCT process can be recycled in many construction applications, supporting global trends towards a more circular economy.
  • Reduces waste to landfill
    By producing an end product that can be recycled, the TCCT process diverts asbestos away from landfills and puts it to a more beneficial and sustainable use.
  • Decreases cost of asbestos treatment
    Our unique TCCT process provides a cost-effective solution for asbestos treatment, reducing what was typically an expensive treatment process and making it commercially viable.