Client:  Group of six major Japanese companies
Waste treated:  Wide variety of asbestos waste abated from industrial and residential facilities
Project initiated:  July 2007
Project completed:  March 2007

Project goal: Destroy a wide variety of asbestos waste products over an extended operational period to carefully document emission performance, confirm complete destruction of asbestos and to demonstrate extended process performance and reliability

ARI Technologies Inc. conducted a demonstration during which a large quantity of asbestos waste was converted into a non-hazardous, asbestos-free aggregate.  The asbestos that was processed included cement asbestos and a variety of friable forms including pipe lagging, roofing paper, insulating board and spray-on asbestos containing products.  The results of the demonstration showed that 100% of the treated product was asbestos-free.  Air emission testing at three locations in the emission control system showed non-detectable concentrations of asbestos.  Also, tests conducted on wastewater and HEPA filter fabric samples from the process showed non-detectable concentrations for asbestos.  The Permissible Exposure Limit for asbestos workers was never exceeded during any of the operations.
Processing resulted in a 33% reduction in mass of the waste and the volume reduction was determined to be 73%.  The Tacoma Pierce County Health Department issued a Waste Disposal Authorization (WDA) for all of the treated product produced from the project.  The WDA effectively deregulated the material from the status of hazardous to that of solid waste (the same as ordinary household waste).