feature-facilityWith the growing understanding of the importance of waste as a resource, and landfill tax almost doubling in the last five years, the economic and sustainability arguments combine to make a compelling case for employing an alternative asbestos disposal method in the UK.

Our group’s founding company, Windsor Waste Management, currently processes over 15,000 tonnes of asbestos each year and commands significant market share in the South of England.  With this feedstock, Windsor Integrated Services Group is securing investment to build and operate ARI Global Technologies plants at strategically located sites in the South East.  

We are interested in talking to potential investors and further sources of feedstock for these facilities, offering numerous benefits to both parties:

  • Feedstock suppliers – cost effective, environmentally responsible and secure disposal route giving you a compelling offering for your clients and a significant advantage over competitors
  • Investors – offering a high rate of return and low risk opportunity to invest in this unique clean technology

We expect the facilities to be operational by 2017/18, please contact us for more information.