ARI presents a number of opportunities for sub-licensees, investors and feedstock suppliers to benefit from this unique clean technology which will set a worldwide precedent for managing asbestos waste.

Asbestos waste is harmful to both our environment and human health, with 300,000 people expected to die from mesothelioma in Europe alone by 2030.

At present, landfill is the only available option for the disposal of asbestos waste and with millions of tonnes of asbestos sent for disposal each year, it is unsustainable to rely on landfill as a long-term solution for managing asbestos waste.

ARI Global Technologies’ patented Thermochemical Conversion Technology, or TCCT, provides an alternative, sustainable and commercially viable solution for managing asbestos waste. 

The TCCT process irreversibly destroys 100% of the asbestos fibres, creating a harmless, inert treated product that can be recycled in many construction applications.

Effective, sustainable and commercially viable, TCCT is available today through a number of opportunities.  Find out more about the opportunities and numerous benefits available with our facility and sublicensing.