feature-sublicencingARI Global Technologies’ patented thermochemical conversion technology, or TCCT, is available for sublicensing for the treatment of asbestos waste and low level radioactive waste globally.

Sublicensing opportunities offer sub licensees significant benefits in this unique technology with global intellectual property rights including:

  • Financial gain– strong internal rate of return, reduced operating costs, stronger margins, no landfill tax to pay, revenue generation from aggregate sales, territory exclusivity to lock out competitors, green credentials can be used to improve tender success
  • Environmental gain– a sustainable solution, destroys a harmful material, reduces volume of waste by up to 50%, eliminates waste to landfill, treats controlled waste in line with the waste hierarchy, removes asbestos waste from our landfills ensuring its legacy is not borne by future generations
  • Operational gain– higher level of worker protection and health & safety standards, mitigates risk by destroying asbestos rather than storing it, frees landfill capacity, secures future disposal routes, reduces risk exposure to waste management processes beyond your control, uses the non-asbestos waste within a bin of asbestos material to fuel the unit, extends the life of your landfill site 

ARI Global Technologies offer bespoke sublicensing agreements with territory exclusivity. 

Our support services include training, outsourced management and labour (as required), and maintenance. 

To find out more about our sublicensing opportunities, please contact us.