Thermochemical Conversion Technology has taken a step forward in Australia thanks to a further $8.8 million grant from the Australian Government. 

EnviroMaster, ARI Global Technologies exclusive Australasian Territory Licensee, secured the grant in January 2021 through the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

The purpose of the grant is to progress project development of a Thermochemical Conversion Technology, 100 tonne per day, trial asbestos waste facility in Australia.

As part of the grant, EnviroMaster will identify a suitable site, regulatory requirements and suitable partner(s) to own/operate the facility; revise their risk assessment and update economic and financial models. This will support the process of obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals and licensing to construct, commission and operate the facility; procure an approved site and formally engage a partner to operate the trial facility.

This is the second grant that ARI Global Technologies and EnviroMaster has secured. In November 2018 they received $5.5m in funding to establish the necessary planning to support the development, operation and future ownership of a commercial scale facility to use TCCT for asbestos waste remediation as an alternative to landfill.

EnviroMaster was founded in 2016 by Phil Tingey and Wayne Loane, and became ARI’s exclusive Australasian Territory Licensee in 2017.

Mr Tingey has an extensive background in specialist materials handling and engineering solutions and Mr Loane has been at the forefront of waste management innovation for over 20 years.

For more information on EnviroMaster and their progress throughout the Australasian region, please visit their website.