An Australian waste management company has bought the exclusive rights to ARI Global Technologies for Australia and New Zealand.

The company approached ARI Global Technologies after Windsor Integrated Services Group acquired the global patents for the unique thermochemical conversion technology back in January.  The agreement gives the Australian company exclusivity on ARI in both countries for a limited period.

Until the mid-1980s, Australia was one of the biggest users of asbestos.  According to the Australian government, up to one third of Australian homes contain asbestos products.  Although Australia now bans any use of asbestos, New Zealand is yet to follow suit.

Managing Director of ARI Global Technologies, Tony Windsor says: “Like the UK, Australia has a big asbestos problem.  We are delighted to announce this partnership with another forward thinking waste management company looking to deal with their country’s asbestos problem in an environmentally responsible way.”   

Representatives from the Australian waste management company visited ARI Global Technologies the UK earlier this year.  Representatives from ARI are expected to return the visit over the summer.