The first ARI Global Technologies plant took a step closer to being built this month as the company received preliminary designs for a UK facility.

International engineering company, Continental Research and Engineering (CR&E), was commissioned in the spring to develop the specification which will give ARI Global Technologies the blueprint from which to build the first facility.  American based CR&E was responsible for developing the asbestos destruction technology into a working 15 tonne a day process facility in Tacoma, Washington.

Windsor Integrated Services Group announced its acquisition of the global patents for ARI Technologies' unique thermochemical conversion technology to treat asbestos in January 2015.  This clean technology destroys asbestos fibres and produces a non-hazardous product that can be used in many construction applications.  Under new company, ARI Global Technologies, the group plans to build its own facility in the South of England to take feedstock from its highly successful asbestos disposal company, Windsor Waste Management, and is offering sub-licensing opportunities for the rest of the UK and globally.

As part of the design process, CR&E will be tendering for the build on ARI Global Technologies’ behalf.

Jeff Letch, Director, Windsor Integrated Services Group says: “We are very excited to be taking this significant step towards building the first ARI Global Technologies facility in the UK and providing a commercially viable alternative to sending asbestos to landfill”.

In May, ARI announced that further afield, an Australian waste management company has bought the exclusive rights to ARI Global Technologies for Australia and New Zealand.

ARI Global Technologies is holding an open day in the autumn for anyone interested in finding out more about the technology and corresponding feedstock and investment opportunities.  Visit for more information.